Baby Wrap Carrier Sling by TA BABY 100% Cotton, Gray + EBook

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Do you wish to have to keep your baby close to you?

Baby wrap sling is the most comfortable, safe and affordable baby wrap for on-the-go moms and dads. No straps, buckles or snaps and ties – A perfect fit every time.

Do you want a discreet place when your breastfeeding in public?

You can breastfeed your baby anywhere with complete privacy and social acceptance. With TA Baby Sling Carrier, you are free to carry your baby on your hips, face front or back.

Do you want 2 hands when you go shopping, around the house or office?

A baby or a toddler around it can be challenging – TA Baby Sling Carrier is your choice again and again – you’ll be able to choose many comfortable position. Perfect for newborns and strong for toddlers.

we have bundled an eBook “Tender 12 Months” – A parent’s guide on how to take special care of your baby all through first twelve months. (62 pages)

100% MONEY BACK – TA Baby Sling Carrier is sold with 100% satisfaction guarantee – If, for any reason, it does not perform to your expectation, we’ll refund you, no questions asked!

“ADD TO CART” TA Baby Baby Sling Carrier and you’ll be able to enjoy the modern mom experience.

The above special price is only available for a limited time. make it yours and avoid any further disappointments!

PERFECT FOR BUSY MOMS AND FATHERS – It gives your little prince or princess the perfect comfort, snugness and movement they like so much, at the same time as giving you a hands-free convenience to do works at home, kitchen and shopping etc.
TOP QUALITY. TA Baby Baby Carrier is made of 95% cotton/5% spandex. It is ultra soft, comfortable, breathable and elastic. Helps to develop interaction between you and your baby. With its dazzling gray color and elegant design, you’re going to love it.
STYLISH DESIGN. This stretchy wrap allows you to carry your baby in the front, on your hip or your back. Your baby can hear your heartbeat and find comfort in the warmth of your body. This baby wrap is also free of straps, belts and buckles making sure that your baby will at all times sleep in comfort.
A NOVEL GIFT WITH A FREE BONUS. TA Baby Baby Sling Carrier is the perfect gift you’ll be able to choose for an expecting mom or a toddler. It is perfect for newborns and strong enough for growing toddlers, up to 35 lbs. Enjoy our free bonus, an eBook for new moms and dads with every purchase!
ORDER NOW WITH 100% SATISFACTION – With our no-questions-asked, hassle free 100-day money back guarantee, you are at all times covered. If you don’t seem to be satisfied with TA Baby Sling Carrier, we can refund every penny. place your order now with confidence!
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